OAS Technology

In short, at OAS we take a human approach to offering businesses a cloud service solution. 

We might be highly skilled in information technology, but gone are the days of IT experts being a faceless voice, tucked in a room asking you, ‘Did you turn it off and back on again?’ Instead, it’s our aim to offer an approachable face-to-face conversation to find the best solution for you.

Since we began in 1982, we have evolved as technology has evolved. We’ve grown from a traditional IT service business to a proven technology solution provider. We want you to have confidence that we are supplying you with a genuine, transparent and effective service. OAS are looking after your business, not just your data. 

Our service.

We are about providing innovative solutions that invest in the future of your business. It’s our priority to translate all the tech talk into a palatable conversation that drives positive outcomes.

Our Culture

Our team.

We are dedicated to a collaborative process that is kick-started by having an open line of communication and conversation before we focus on our proactive service that offers the best of breed solutions. 

We retain a consistent commitment to training and attendance at worldwide conferences and training events to ensure our staff grows with technological advancements and innovations.

Working at OAS

Our clients.

The four pillars of our relationship with you, the client, are: Trust, Partnership, End-to-end proven solutions and Quality products and services. We are customer-centric and strive to give you as collaborative, cohesive and comfortable an experience as possible.

Recent Projects
We offer non-threatening conversations to businesses around successful IT outcomes.


Everyday is an opportunity to discover new possibilities. Our employees are set up for work and life success. 

We don’t just hire employees to work, we work with them to facilitate optimal career outcomes, managed with a balanced, healthy life in the workplace and beyond. 

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