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It’s no longer a question of if, but when your business might be impacted.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Protect your data and business systems with a disaster recovery plan. The average time it can cost a business to recover from a disaster is 18.5 hours – think about how much this would affect your business. As organisations operate with increased reliance on their IT systems, the need to protect those systems from disaster is crucial.

Operational downtime could happen due to a natural disaster, a cyber-attack, human error or software or hardware failure, often resulting in data loss, potential compliance violations, cost to restore essential operational programs and lost employee productivity. Here’s why your business needs a backup plan (literally).


Backup and Disaster Recovery Benefits Include:

Prevent / Reduce Downtime

Having the right Backup and Disaster Recovery solution in place will ensure your business will be back up and running much quicker with minimal to no impact to your bottom line. 


Backup as a Service ensures that your system is fully backed up every 24 hours, with incremental snapshots taken throughout the day. This ensures an up-to-date restore of your data and your systems when needed.

Security & Automation

We take the manual element out of your backups with a secure, comprehensive, set and forget process, saving you hassle and worry.

Prevent damage to your business

Having a data backup plan (literally) can prevent significant damage to your business whereas a disaster recovery plan will give your business the strength to recover from the devastating effect of downtime and ensure your systems and data can be retrieved in case your business has become vulnerable.

Why choose OAS

OAS Technology partners with world-class Backup and Disaster Recovery providers, offering a holistic, reliable and simple solution so we can provide your business with crucial data backup and data recovery services, assisting you to regain access to applications and resources.

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