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Running a business requires constant communication with your customers. When deciding on a phone system, you want to consider the best solution for your business.

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Running a business requires constant communication with your customers. When deciding on a phone system, you want to consider the best PABX, VoIP or SIP solution for your business, ensuring it matches your ever-evolving communication requirements.

A growing number of businesses are now looking to change their communication services. This could be for various reasons, including the broad NBN rollout, which has meant that old systems and lines have been (or will be) disconnected.

Businesses are also looking to adapt to a more flexible environment which (may/can) include remote work (pandemic, anyone?). This might require an upgrade to their current system in place.

At OAS Technology, we offer PABX, VoIP or SIP line solutions depending on the needs of your business, covering Newcastle, Central Coast, the Upper Hunter and the Mid North Coast.



The bottom line is vital for most businesses. Set up costs with more traditional phone systems like PABX has a higher setup cost than VoIP solutions and are also more complex to set up. 


Utilising VoIP technology offers a flexible solution to your business, especially with the increase in remote work. Stay connected, no matter where you are working.


VoIP solutions are easily scalable at little or no cost, depending on the users and features needed by your business. Users can be added quickly as opportunities arise.

FAQs about PABX, VoIP & SIP

What is PABX Phone System?

A PABX System (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) refers to an on-premise phone system that is not connected to a data network. Basically, a PABX system is a small telephone network that uses traditional telephone lines for ingoing and outgoing calls. A reliable and secure alternative to the more recent additions (like VoIP) to voice communication, this solution may be great for business’ that do not require a full-featured solution.

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What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to the technology to make phone calls through your business’s internet connection instead of a regular landline or mobile network. VoIP Phone Systems can run via a computer (think Skype) or smartphone (think Apple Facetime). On some occasions, you can even make VoIP calls via your broadband or home phone providers. OAS Technology is your local VoIP provider, so speak to one of our specialists today to decide on the best solution for your business.

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What is a SIP Phone System?

Does your business still have a traditional phone line? SIP is the underlying technology that enables VOIP calls to be made, but more simply, SIP sessions are the successor of traditional PSTN phone lines.

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Can I use a regular phone with VoIP?

If you want to continue using your existing phone hardware and headsets, you can do so by using an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), which will enable your phone to work with VoIP technology. The adapter plugs into a wireless router or cable or modem using an ethernet cable.

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