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Cloud Hosting

The rising need for secure remote access and data has made cloud hosting and cloud security become essential IT tools for businesses. For numerous reasons, more and more businesses are now making the move over to a cloud solution, rather than keeping their data and services in on-premise servers.

To keep up with market trends and our clients’ growing IT support needs, OAS Technology invested in our own Cloud Solution back in 2015. Minder Cloud Services has been designed to reduce our clients’ downtime, increase performance and minimise overall IT cost for managed cloud services.


Benefits of a Virtual Server:

Cloud Security

By conducting daily two-fold backups, our clients can be assured that their data is secure. Owned and operated in Australia, your data will not end up overseas, mitigating the further risk of loss, theft or disruption to your systems.


Minder Secure Cloud Services is designed for 99.9% uptime, meaning that downtime at the infrastructure level has been assessed to not exceed 4 minutes 23 seconds per month. 


Being a cloud-based system, we can easily scale when our clients need to scale. Simply increase or decrease server quantities based on your business growth.

FAQs about Cloud Hosting

Why choose Minder Secure Cloud Services?

Minder Secure Cloud Services is designed for 99.9% uptime meaning that downtime at the infrastructure level has been assessed to not exceed 4 minutes 23 seconds per month. Since its recent upgrade Minder has had 100% uptime, making it a reliable solution for our clients. As we own and manage our own cloud technology, your data will remain in Australia and our team have full control and visibility across all systems and servers, meaning that we can detect and remediate issues efficiently.

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What is Cloud Server Hosting?

Also known as virtual servers, Cloud Servers refer to a network of secure servers that can be accessed remotely, without the need of having physical hardware in the office. Cloud Servers allow your business to store data securely on different devices, reduce IT infrastructure investment and ongoing maintenance costs by not having physical servers to maintain and easily scale up or down as your needs change.

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What are Server Management Services?

Server Management is the task of monitoring and maintaining physical servers to ensure they are running at a level where your business can operate effectively and efficiently.

Server Management Services include the monitoring, regular maintenance and optimisation of servers, as well as updating hardware, software and Backup and Disaster Recovery services (BDR).

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What is a Virtual Server?

Rather than having an on-premise server in an office, Virtual Servers refer to machines that are managed by your IT Service Provider. These servers are located in an off-site data centre, rather than having physical equipment in your office. Utilising a virtual server (like Minder Cloud) is like renting your own e-space that hosts all your IT services on it meaning you can purchase more space if your business grows or drops space if you no longer require it.

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What is the benefit of a Virtual Server

Minder Cloud means that you don’t have to purchase and maintain server equipment, saving you money, as well as physical space in your office. With a virtual server, it is also easy to up-or downscale depending on your business requirements and growth. By replicating a Virtual Server in multiple locations, cloud security is guaranteed and your data will be safe (for example: if one data centre gets hit by a plane, all servers are replicated at another location).

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