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VIRTUAL Protection

The virtual barrier to protect your business from harmful activity.

Network Firewall Solutions

Just like a physical wall providing a barrier of protection, a firewall provides a virtual barrier between a trusted network and an untrusted network (like the internet). A firewall blocks traffic it thinks is malicious or potentially harmful to your business.

By working with the leading firewall provider in the world, OAS Technology can offer the very best solution to our customers.

Threat prevention

The main feature a firewall provides is the protection of your network from viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious traffic. Monitoring traffic, networks and devices, our firewall solutions allow us to assess any risk associated with your network traffic, mitigating malware coming into your system and preventing internal threats.

Individualised User Access

Our firewall solution offers the configuration and enforcement of policies based on specific user profiles or user groups. Internet connections can also be filtered to prevent or grant access to various websites ensuring information is only accessed by employees who are privileged to do so.

Failover Options

In case of hardware or software failure, our firewall solution provides automatic failover options providing resiliency to your business.


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