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Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwords are increasingly easy to be compromised. They can be stolen, guessed or hacked, and the user might not even know someone is accessing their account. Multi-Factor Authentication (or MFA) is used to protect your business against hackers ensuring that users have to verify their identity before logging into their device by providing a second verification method (such as a code on their phone).


Multi-factor Authentication Key Benefits:


By adding another layer of security, it is harder for attackers to get into your system and gain sensitive and protected data. Within seconds, the Multi-Factor layer verifies that your users are who they say they are before accessing your systems.

Remote Access

Our Multi-Factor Authentication Solution protects any device, anywhere, anytime, so your users are protected regardless of whether they are in the office or working from home.


Our Multi-Factor Authentication Solution is cloud-based, so implementation is easy and cost-effective. There are different pricing plans available, so you can set up the solution that best suits your growing business needs.

FAQs about Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor-Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is an electronic authentication method where user is granted access to a website, device or network only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence that they actually are the person they say they are.

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Why is Multi-Factor Authentication important?

MFA is important so that hackers cannot get into your systems and steal important and sensitive information, causing harm to the user and potentially an entire business.

MFA acts as a first barrier when someone is trying to attempt to steal your information.

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