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Understand your risks and stop attacks before they arise.

Proactive Security Monitoring

Due to the rapid changes to the Cyber Security landscape, a lot of technology tools trying to keep your business safe can’t keep up with today’s threat, leaving you vulnerable and exploitable.

At OAS Technology, we work with the first and only provider of a comprehensive Cyber Exposure solution to help identify, investigate and prioritise security risks in your business.

How does it work?

The vulnerability scanner actively searches through all of your business assets and devices providing constant visibility over any potential threats and vulnerabilities that may harm your business.

The software then assesses each vulnerability and puts a risk score against it to quickly determine risk involved, making it easy to prioritise and which ones to fix first. With a broad coverage for more than 65,000 publicly known vulnerabilities, the scanner offers the industry’s most extensive range of known threats so that we can keep your business as safe as possible.

FAQs about Proactive Security Monitoring

What Is Proactive Security Monitoring?

Proactive Security Monitoring is the practice of monitoring your systems, data and network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to identify potential areas of risk for your business. The software used assesses each threat and puts a score towards it so that our team can prioritise each risk and ensure that your business is protected at all times and vulnerabilities are discovered before they can cause harm.

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Why Is Proactive Security Monitoring Important?

Proactively monitoring your business, networks and data means that we can detect vulnerabilities before they can cause harm and protect your business from data loss or theft. It is important to invest in this strategy of Cyber Security as it will ensure that your staff, your data and your business are safe against the ever-evolving Cyber Crime landscape.

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