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The security guard that helps protect your server from vulnerabilities.

Proactive Server Monitoring

Usually, by the time you have worked out that there is a problem with your server, it is already too late, causing your business downtime and potentially costing you time and money.

Proactively monitoring your on-premise server means that we will implement a management system for your entire IT infrastructure that will uncover any issues or vulnerabilities on your server – think of it as a security guard that looks over your server 24/7 and reports back any problems.

A management system for your entire IT infrastructure

By proactively monitoring your Business Server, it allows our Team to identify potential areas of risk. Think of us as your dedicated air traffic controller, who monitors traffic and plans actions to avoid potential collisions – but rather than the air, we monitor your server environment, ensuring it stays healthy and efficient.

Efficient and automated

OAS Technology’s Proactive Server Monitoring Service will keep you ahead of potential setbacks through an efficient, automated system and continual health checks to be able to detect issues before you even know they exist.


24/7 Monitoring

We manage and monitor the health of your server equipment with a system that keeps a close eye on potential hardware failure, system performance and critical server applications.

Minimal Disruption

Our Proactive Server monitoring system provides remote access to your systems via a comprehensive dashboard, which means that issues can be identified and corrected without disrupting your daily operations


Proactive monitoring and early detection of any issues will prevent your business from having costly downtime and lost productivity.


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