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We eliminate downtime and give you fast and reliable internet service at all times.

NBN Broadband Business Services

A reliable, secure and fast internet connection is paramount to the productivity and ultimately the success of your business. OAS Technology is a local NBN provider covering Newcastle, Central Coast, the Upper Hunter and the Mid North Coast. We offer a broadband solution that is designed to eliminate downtime and give you fast and reliable service at all times.


NBN Speed

Your connection isn’t shared with thousands of other businesses and residential homes, making your service faster than any other standard connection.


Our team has end to end visibility over the entire service. This ensures that issues can be detected and rectified faster than with other providers.


A private connection to our data centre and a managed firewall means we can significantly mitigate the risk of security issues for your business.

A Standard NBN Connection

With a standard NBN connection, you share your internet connection with thousands of other businesses and residential services. Like on a busy highway, this can cause congestion and slow your internet service down.

OAS NBN Business Service

With a standard NBN connection, you share your internet. At OAS Technology, we offer a business-only NBN Service (NBN for Business) to give you access to a private network with only a managed number of business-only connections. Providing this solution means that we can eliminate downtime and offer faster and more reliable broadband service for your business.

FAQs about NBN Services

What is NBN?

The NBN is Australia’s National Broadband Network which is replacing traditional copper wire and cable connections to deliver a more reliable internet service to you. The main difference between the traditional connection and the NBN is that the NBN uses fixed line connections that travel directly to your business (or home), making it a faster and more efficient solution for its customers.

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How is our NBN for Business offering different to any other offering?

Our NBN for Business solution utilises a private network with a managed number of business-only users, meaning that your connection will not be shared with thousands of other users. Our team has full visibility and end-to-end control over each connection, meaning less downtime and a better and more reliable service for your business.

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