Introducing Mitch Green


Mitch Green, Network and Comms Specialist started with OAS 5 years ago when we were launching our private cloud platform. His experience and expertise in cloud and broadband technologies have seen him become an integral part of the OAS team. Mitch now heads up a team of specialists and looks after our communication and hosted networks. Read on to get to know Mitch:

Tell us a little bit about your role and what a “normal” day at OAS looks like for you?

My role is to design, implement and manage wholesale broadband infrastructure for secure connectivity to Minder Managed Hosted Services. As well as designing network and voice solutions for SMB customers enabling transition to the cloud.

Or more simply providing leadership for network engineering skillset within the organisation.

Day to day could be liaising with our carrier and data centre partners, ensuring critical infrastructure is running smoothly right down to Wi-Fi and local network performance for customer sites.

What do you like most about working for OAS?

I’m always looking to learn and absorb more in all sorts of areas - technical, operational and business management and the collaborative nature of the team at OAS with our skilled engineers means we are able to challenge each other, keep each other sharp, all while working on some of the best technology available in the Minder Cloud.

How would you describe yourself in two words?

90% Coffee

Who inspires you?

My 6-year-old son, William. His attitude towards people, experiences and learning constantly forces me to adjust my outlook and how I approach everything I have on my plate. He is also relentless in going after what he wants, a very tenacious little fella – especially when it comes to getting time on the Nintendo.

What does a non-working day look like for you?

As a father of 3 little scallywags, I will be up way too early. Straight to the coffee shop followed by soccer, skateboarding, a trip to the beach and hopefully a wine with my wife once the kids run out of noise at night.

Tea or coffee?

No contest. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee

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