Introducing our two trainees


Introducing our two new trainees – Mitchell and Aidan

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mitchell Smith and Aidan Shrubshall, who have both started their traineeship within the Technical Team at OAS a couple of weeks ago.

The OAS traineeships have been created to support professional development for young talents such as Mitchell and Aidan, who want to pursue a career in IT.

Lead by Craig Wallace, Systems and Training Manager, Mitchell and Aidan have already hit the ground running and look forward to supporting the OAS Team whilst commencing their studies in Information Technology.

Aidan, how did you find out about OAS?

I used to work at a food truck, where I met one of the guys from OAS. After chatting to him for a few times I found out he works in IT and handed in my resume – the rest is history.

Mitchell, why did you decide to start a career in IT?

I have always loved IT, be it when I built my first computer or when I studied IT for my HSC. I just thought that if I love it so much why wouldn't I take the steps to start a career in IT.

Aidan, what does a perfect day outside of work look like for you?

Motorbike rides and video games.

Mitchell, what did your first few weeks at OAS look like?

The first week was full of formalities, paperwork and an induction process, but by the end of the second week I was answering phones, logging tickets and getting to know some of the customers that would call or email in.

Aidan, who inspired you - at work or outside of work?

Jack Rhysider, a podcast creator who features true stories from the dark side of the internet. 

Mitchell, your favourite song / book / movie?

The early Pixar movies like Toy Story, Cars or Monsters Inc. Those movies I could watch all day!

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