Meet Jason Smith


Jason Smith only joined us a few weeks ago, but he has hit the ground running and receiving positive feedback from our team and clients. Jason grew up in Tamworth and kicked his career off working in the plants. He comes to us from another smaller MSP, which bought him to us, as he was eager to further develop his skills with bigger and more technical systems.

Why OAS Technology?

For a few reasons, from someone who was in the MSP industry, I had a good industry perspective on the inner workings of OAS. I knew there would be a lot of interesting stuff I could learn and get involved with. On top of that, knowing some of the current OAS team and past team members, I knew it was a culture I would be comfortable in.

Also, having seen the Minder Cloud from the outside, I was always very interested to see how it was all put together, and so far it hasn’t disappointed!

Do you have any mentors in your professional or personal life?

I’ve been lucky enough to work for a couple of people, both in the IT field and out of it, whom I would consider big influences on my professional career.

I think one of the most important things I learnt from them, was to speak up and challenge when I had ideas or concerns, and I was always respected for that. Not to say it always went my way, but even if we couldn’t agree we would still be mates at the end of it no matter how heated it got.

Describe yourself in three words.

On-time, dedicated and honest.

What did you want to be when growing up?

No idea actually! I was always doing stuff with computers though, so seemed to make sense to go to Uni and do a Computer Science degree, and just stumbled my way through for a few years before really digging into IT work.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs, we always had dogs growing up. The only cat we ever had didn’t want anything to do with me (or anyone else really).

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