NBN for Business - a reliable, secure and fast option for your business


Is your internet connection interfering with your staff’s productivity?

A reliable, secure and fast internet connection is paramount to the productivity and ultimately the success of your business. OAS Technology partners with the NBN (NBN for Business) to provide a broadband solution that is designed to eliminate downtime and give you fast and reliable service.

But what is the difference between a standard NBN connection and our NBN for Business offering?

A standard NBN Connection

With a standard NBN connection, you share your internet connection with thousands of other businesses and residential services. Like on a busy highway, this can cause congestion and slow your internet service down.

NBN for Business

NBN for Business has access to a private network that has a managed number of business only connections. This means faster and more reliable service. By going through our data centre managed firewall you are offered additional protection.



NBN has its own private network. This means your connection isn’t shared with thousands of other businesses and residential homes, making your service faster than any other standard connection.


OAS Technology has end to end visibility; not just over our own network but over the entire service, meaning issues can be detected and rectified earlier than with other internet providers.


A private connection to our data centre and a managed firewall means extra security for your business when browsing the world wide web.

Interested in setting up NBN for Business? Contact [email protected] or call 02 4940 1800 and speak to one of our experienced Network Engineers.

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