Welcome to Scam Awarness Week


What is Scam Awareness Week?

Scam Awareness Week is an initiative by the Scams Awareness Network, a group of Australian and New Zealand government agencies responsible for consumer protection and policing in scams, cyber safety, and fraud.

The network aims to reduce the impact of scams by raising awareness and encouraging the public to talk about scams and report them.

Why should you care?

Each year, Scam Awareness Week has a different focus, delivered in collaboration with an extensive range of partners, including OAS Technology.

The goal of the 2021 Scam Awareness Week is to encourage people to TALK with each other about scams. If you have ever fallen victim to a scam, you are not alone. By having a simple conversation, you could stop a friend, a loved one, a colleague, or even yourself from falling victim.

2021 Key Trends

How can OAS Technology help?

Develop and deploy Behavioural Controls

The best way to protect yourself and your business is by developing and deploying Behavioural Controls. Behavioural Control refers to certain control factors in place by a business to build a robust, regimented, and educated workforce.

This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Only using approved software and hardware
  • Procuring goods and other services from trusted suppliers
  • Introducing policies, processes, and best practice procedures to avoid falling victim to Cyber Fraud
  • Using evaluation systems to measure how successful these processes and practices are
  • Leveraging our education and training to provide real-world examples, case studies, and practical hands-on exercises to ensure good Cyber Security is achieved

Develop and deploy Technical Controls

Technical Controls are the security controls of an IT system that are primarily implemented and executed through mechanisms contained in the hardware, software, or firmware components of a system.

OAS technology can help your business with a range of services to protect you from Cyber Crime. 

  • By partnering with the world-leader in Cyber Security, the OAS Cyber Security Suite provides a holistic system for your entire business
  • The OAS Email Security Platform provides advanced threat capabilities in addition to traditional email security features. The system analyses emails for malicious hyperlinks or attachments and blocks attacks.
  • Using Multifactor Authentication provides secure access to your applications and data by verifying the user’s identity using a second source of validation like a phone or token

If your business needs assistance with setting up a Cyber Security Strategy, chat with your Account Manager today. Contact us on 02 4940 1800 or email [email protected]

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