What is the value of an IT managed service?


A managed service isn’t something you can see, feel or necessarily interact with, making its value sometimes seem less tangible than, say, that accumulated cluster of hardware building up in your office. Clunky telephony systems, copious cords and myriad of machines providing siloed solutions, and constant upgrades, however, just aren’t consistent with the way forward for future tech. A managed cloud IT service is not just about providing your business with an ‘invisible’, superior and highly effective solution, it’s also about ensuring your business is competitive and safer in the way it communicates and stores data, as we venture into an age of ever-changing technological growth. Here are the primary pillars that reveal the real value of an IT managed service, to help your business benefit now and well into the future. 

With a managed cloud service solution, your data can still be accessed no matter what happens to your actual computer.

1. Instant Scalability and Flexibility

The ability to respond quickly to meet business demand is crucial.  With a managed cloud service, you are able to increase the amount of space needed as your business grows. You will never have to worry about running out of capacity, nor the cost of expensive hardware upgrades. 

2. Disaster Recovery

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? Most businesses store data daily on a tape or hard drive, before its taken to an offsite location. Our clients no longer require such complex disaster recovery plans. Instead, we back up data nightly for safe keeping in our highly secured offsite Data Centre and then again at an alternate sight - that’s twice the backup security. And, if disaster was to happen, your data is safe and available to you.

3. Automatic Software Updates 

 This mitigates the consequence of being one or two versions behind. Instead, you will automatically have access to the latest software versions. 

4. Monthly Fixed Fee - No Unexpected Costs 

Our services are pay as you go. As your business grows and you need more space, or have new users, we simply increase your server space remotely with no need for additional hardware. Minder also offers 24/7 Minder Help Desk support for when you need to talk to one of our tech guys. 

5. Improved Communication 

This allows clients, regardless of where they are, to share and work on documents and shared applications simultaneously in real time. 

6. Work from Anywhere at Anytime 

As long as our clients have internet access, an IT managed service gives the opportunity to work from anywhere at any time. For some businesses, this benefit has already shown cost savings. For example, with more and more employees working remotely, the need and cost for office space is reduced. In addition, the potential to offer employees flexible work arrangements can improve work-life balance and boost productivity. 

7. Better Collaboration 

Individuals within the business can make changes while talking to each other in real time. This saves time and minimises mistakes. 

8. Improved Security 

Losing your laptop or have your computer damaged does not have to be disastrous. With a managed cloud service solution, your data can still be accessed no matter what happens to your actual computer.

9. Environmentally Friendly 

Clients use only the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint. This results in less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using onsite servers. Better for the environment and reduced energy costs for your business. 

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