Why email security should be a priority for business


Why email security should be a priority for your business (and how to tighten it effectively)

When we think of cyber security, visions of dark figures in musty dungeon rooms spending days and nights digging into high profile cyber information might come to mind. Or, skimmers gaining access to your bank apps. If it crosses your mind, it likely comes with the quick afterthought ‘But not to me, I’m careful’. You may well be; not using communal and open wifi, implementing generic security programs on your desktop and laptops, not clicking on links to strange emails? These are all fine rudimentary methods, but the truth is, the majority of cyber threats come through your emails and they’re more sophisticated than you think. 

Either through cleverly replicated legitimate companies, or creating access gateways that only require the opening of an email (without further action), emails make up 90% of the beginnings of breach activity. 

So, now you know why it’s a priority to secure your business against such threats, it's time to ask ...

How do I know if I’m at risk of a cyber attack?

It might hit you personally, but it’s not personal. If you have an email address, you are at risk. Being open to cyber attacks is an indiscriminate threat that can create a lot of hassle, harm and damage to your personal and business data. 

While you may take the recommended and required precautions to protect yourself, you have to also consider sophisticated attacks working around these measures, and that no other employee or household member is being less cognisant of potential threats.

How can I protect myself and my business against email cyber threat?

Upgrade your security measures, ASAP. 

The Minder Computer Security with Advance Malware Protection and in addition to the Cisco email security solution offers advanced threat capabilities that work hand in hand with the more traditional security functions for email, such as antispam and antivirus tools. Adding the AMP means that your threat protection then includes:

  • Inspection of email content and transactions

  • Analyse content for real-time threat intelligence

  • Retrospective detection alerts

  • Malware tracking when it cracks through initial defences

These advanced threat protection measures ensure ransomware (a cryptovirology technique that threatens people with publishing of private data or blocked access to data in exchange for payment) and spear phishing (emails sent from trusted senders to induce trust from people to reveal confidential or private information) are identified and blocked before they can cause harm. 

The system also offers one-click block from an email to the endpoint, with computer integrated with other email security deployments will stop blended attacks across multiple threats. Immediately, you are linked to your email solution, including all connected AMP devices, to save your team time, blocking the threat across the organisation. 

Are you worried about the vulnerability of your email’s security? Contact us today to talk about your protection options. 

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