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Protect your business and your data by backing up your Office 365 with the right solution.

Office 365 Backup Solutions

With millions of businesses relying on Microsoft and their Office 365 suite, OAS Technology partners with Microsoft, offering clients the full 365 suite. 

SaaS applications such as Office 365 are among the most popular because they’re easy to use, highly scalable and relatively inexpensive with subscription-based plans to suit your business needs.

As a certified Office 365 provider, we will manage and maintain your Office 365 tenancy, offering full support to allow better control of the administration of licenses and comprehensive security and backup solutions. 

Protect your Office 365 Data

There’s a common misconception among users that Office 365 backup isn’t necessary for their data because it exists in the cloud.

However, SaaS applications, such as Office 365, are still vulnerable to data loss due to people deleting files, opening phishing emails or accidentally downloading malicious documents. 

Data protection is a shared responsibility

Data protection is a shared responsibility – Microsoft is responsible for the cloud, but you are responsible for what’s in it, making the right backup solution an essential tool for your business.

SaaS Protection provides flexibility and speed to recover from potential cloud data loss by offering automatic 3x daily backups, infinite data retention, point-in-time restore and export and advanced search options. 

“OAS Technology offers 365 backup solutions to maximise the protection of data loss in the Microsoft cloud, saving you time, money and the potential to put your business at risk.”

Mitch Green, Specialist Engineer


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