Introducing Minder 2.0 - the upgrade to our Minder Hosted Solution


To keep up with market trends and our client’s growing IT needs, here at OAS we invested in our own Hosted Infrastructure back in 2015. Minder Cloud Services has been designed to reduce our client’s downtime, increase performance and minimise overall IT cost for hosted services.

The rising need of secure remote access and data has made digital cloud services become an essential IT tool for businesses. For numerous reasons (cost, the ability to scale and added security) more and more businesses are now making the move over to a hosted environment, rather than keeping their data and services in on-premises servers.

Upgrade to Minder 2.0

Utilising our long-standing partnership with world-class vendor Cisco, we have recently invested over $3m into the latest technology (Minder 2.0.) to ensure that our clients achieve the most out of their hosted solution. The upgrade included the investment in the latest Cisco Hyperflex technology, an integrated storage and compute solution that is cost-effective, scalable and agile. By upgrading to Cisco Hyperflex, system reliability and data protection have increased using storage across multiple nodes and reducing the single points of failure. A simple management interface make monitoring of all systems a lot easier, reducing downtime for our clients further.

To find out more detail about Minder 2.0. click on the video.

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