Maroba Nursing Home


‘Cloud infrastructure looking after our aged care’

Maroba Nursing Home isn’t just an aged-care facility; it’s a safe space that nurtures the independence of its aged residents for as long as possible. 

Located in the Hunter Valley, its independent living, assisted aged care, dementia-specific and palliative care community ensures residents live a comfortably and securely in the later stages of their life. To do this, in addition to expected services, they offer regular outings, movie nights and ongoing support for resident preferred hobbies. 

“Not having an internal IT department due to the size of our business, it is very comforting to know that OAS is proactive in both the design and maintenance of our IT systems...What is really important is how quickly OAS responds to our issues and needs.”

- David Cole, Director of Finance and Corporate Service

The Challenge:

To facilitate their high level of care and support, Maroba Nursing Home were looking to implement new wireless communication devices that would allow staff members to connect across the entire facility via wearable badges, at all times. This device would allow one-to-one and group conversation anywhere within the Maroba grounds. It would also include a voice recognition feature that meant staff could make phone calls without the need to dial, keeping their hand free to assist residents while on a call. 

The badge device required a reliable wireless network with enough coverage to allow staff to walk throughout the facility and continue a call without disruptions, issues with voice recognition or network dropouts. 

The Solution:    

Maroba partnered with OAS to design and develop a wireless network that would ensure full and effective functionality of the badges. We moved Maroba from its ADSL internet service to our Minder Secure Cloud Managed Networks giving them the reliability and speed it required for the badges to work at their optimum level. 

We then completed an active wireless survey of all buildings and surrounding grounds, consisting of moving an access point to various locations and measuring the strength and quality signals of each location. This allowed OAS to build a heat map that determined the best locations for access points. OAS then supplied 70x Cisco internal and external Wireless Access points to meet the wireless requirements. 

A Cisco Wireless LAN controller was configured to allow centralised management of all access points and the ability to segregate the network for corporate and resident Wi-Fi access. OAS data cabling installed new CAT6 cabling to each access point to provide network and power.

The change for Maroba means improved communication and overall efficiency in daily operations. Maroba now experiences less network disruptions and a faster network service since migrating over to Minder Secure Cloud Managed Networks.

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